"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Former Chief of Police William "Bill" G. Isbell investigated in Missing Money Probe

Missing or un-accounted: seized drugs, weapons, and money collected from fundraisers

The D.A.'s  position to not file charges won't change public opinion on Bill Isbell; despite the embellishment and hype that was spun on his alleged 'retirement.'...Particularly when you consider Unicoi County Sheriff Kent Harris was indicted, in part, for mis-appropriation of funds--close to the amount that the TPPD was unable to account for during Bill's Isbell's stint as chief of police.

Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury report

Isbell-registered police website is shutdown.

As seen in the Advocate&Democrat News--Where did the Money Go?--"Among the findings, the former police chief received $3,800 in cash from four police fundraisers, but the money was never deposited into a town bank account.

Both Isbell and his top crony, Don Charest were 'booted out' of the Tellico Plains Police Dept, listen to Mayor Roger Powers in the link below.   For Charest, wearing a reserve officer badge was important, the feeling of power and authority was paramount--he tried to 'cozy up' to the 2013 chief of police (Jeb Brown),  wanting to bring back the Isbell--Era police squad,  but failed.

As of 2016, The Tellico Plains Police Dept. is still in a public relations 'damage control mode' from the scandals during Isbell's  tenure as police chief--although, the present day TPPD is a stark contrast, and many agree that it's one of the best police dept's in the county.

The 2014 disqualification of Sheriff Randy White led to the interim appointment of Tommy Jones, a young and inexperienced fill-in--Charest wormed his way into the good graces of sheriff Tommy Jones, and, this time he got a Monroe County Sheriff reserve officer badge--'Way to go Tommy.'

William "Bill" Isbell
Don Charest