"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Isbell-registered Tellico Plains Police website is Shutdown

On April 9, 2008--William G. Isbell and William Wells III created a Tellico Plains Police website: A short time later, it was announced in the local media as, "the launch of the first city police website to go online in Monroe county."
(Website designer/ Social Media Coach William Wells III moved to Minnesota in 2011.)

As it turns out, what was supposed to be a city government website--was registered to Isbell, at his personal P.O. Box in Coker Creek TN....Isbell was the appointed chief of police at the time. 
Isbell-registered Police website

This lack of oversight by the previous mayor--may be just one of many issues that the new mayor will have to address. This unusual arrangement could have been used to influence public opinion, coerce city government (by what they posted or NOT posted), or by violating the federal civil rights of suspects that had not yet been brought to trial--to benefit William G. Isbell, in the 2010 Monroe County Sheriff's election.

The website shows Shutdown/Inactive status since 8/27/2011--a week after a complaint was filed on 8/22/2011.

Bill Isbell
William Wells III
The Website administrator--William Wells III, (a media darling now living in Minnesota) had not posted that the Tellico Plains City Council had appointed it's first female chief of police, (Tonia Norwood), several months ago.

If you were to ask any municipal city administrator, manager, or mayor--Is your City Police website registered to the Chief of Police?...You would likely get a response of... "You must be joking."

See the inventory report from the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury...Drugs, Guns, Cash from Fundraisers missing or un-accounted Did former chief of police Isbell appropriate anything else that should have been in the name of the Tellico Plains Police Dept. or the City of Tellico Plains?

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