Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sheriff Watson Arrested on 6 Felony Charges

Judge Don Ash is picked to preside: the same judge that presided over the Bill Bivens vs Randy White lawsuit in Monroe County


Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson was arrested and booked in his own jail last Friday, shortly after returning from a trip to Florida with his family.

Update 9/8/2017 The Times Free Press reports that a "forensic audit" of the BCSO's finances by the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury is underway--the investigation will include vehicle dispositions, expense reports, purchase orders, the drug fund, time cards, and transactions at the sheriff's garage.

The arrest of a county sheriff is a rare event--it's been almost 10 years since former Hamilton County Sheriff Billy Long was arrested by the FBI and convicted on money laundering, extortion, and other charges. Long was released from federal prison in 2016, but will serve a monitored 'house arrest' for another 5 years.

After a year long investigation by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, a grand jury indicted Watson on 6 felony counts--after getting his prints and mugshot taken, he posted a 30k dollar bond and was released from custody.

Through his attorney Jim Logan, Watson claims he is innocent of the charges and that none of the charges stem from any activity related to the sheriff's dept., or while he was in any official duty as sheriff.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Has Sheriff Tommy Jones taken the same course as Hillary Clinton?

Is the MCSD violating federal or state laws--would any other government agency use their web hosting service?

They (Clinton/Jones) both used a website/server outside of the norm of what other government agencies were using--in the case of the current MCSD administration, they have been using a former Monroe County resident for website hosting service.

In this link HERE you will see in detail how Jones continued to maintain a relationship with William Wells, who after being given his walking papers by the county mayor, moved back to Minnesota--and how this arrangement differs from other county government websites, and the possible legal and security issues involved.

The total disregard for cyber-security was one of the biggest scandals of the 2016 presidential election. Hillary thought she would never 'get caught'- but many insiders agree that it was the beginning of the end.