"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

Friday, December 16, 2016

Officer Shoots Suspect During Burglary at His Home

Prayer is the Best Way to meet the Lord... but, Trespassing and Stealing is Faster

An early morning shooting of a burglary suspect on 12/9/2016, has sent one man to the morgue.

Although the incident is still under investigation, only the name of the alleged suspect has been revealed. Regardless of the circumstances, any death is tragic to friends and relatives of the decedent.
However, those who know the deputy and heard his account of what took place believe he acted in self-defense, and that his character is above reproach.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Almost a Tragedy: Gas Station Roof Collapse Linked to Incompetence and Cost-Cutting

Update 12/14/2016: the 'debris' of the roof canopy collapse was removed and business is back to normal. 

The "culprit" behind the original installation of the gas pumps and roof canopy has been identified as Danny Baker of Baker Oil Company in Lenoir City, TN--during a phone interview, they admitted to hiring and paying a sub-contractor to do  the work.

The cause of many construction disasters is often negligence, incompetence, and the total disregard for public safety... in this mishap there are two obvious clues: In nearby Athens TN where EF-2 winds wreaked havoc, many buildings next to or near gas pumps were destroyed, but none of the gas station canopies collapsed--in this roof collapse, there is no visible damage to the building--only the single post holding the canopy above the gas pumps failed.
Pastor Williams recently bought the business from Gary Davis, who owned the building since it was built back in 2001.
The heavy steel-frame canopy was attached by a single steel post, which sheared off it's ground level tack-weld mount--on 11/28/2016.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Moscow on the Nantahala

Foreign agents could be scouting rural routes to and from large urban areas. According to the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, there are over 100 Russian spies operating in the U.S.

The road shown in the video is not just secluded, it's 'beyond secluded'--some residents who have lived in the area over 20 years have never driven past the 'no outlet' sign.

An elderly gentleman who lives about ten miles from the nearest paved road said foreign diplomats were recently spotted wandering in the area, supposedly looking for a short-cut through the woods...go figure.

When you consider that over half of all foreign diplomats also serve as 'intelligence gatherers' or 'spies', it's a reasonable cause for concern. 
The 'no outlet' sign at the entrance of this rural road is merely to discourage traffic: there are two routes available to continue back to urban areas.

The operators driving through may have had prior mapping and knowledge of the area, and understood the value of a secluded area for meetings, dead-drops, and cell-phone towers' inability to 'ping' the location of cell phones...if one assumes that, oh!...no way it's not possible--that's exactly the mindset that potential foreign adversaries would like you to have.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Drug Trafficking is the Most Virulent Form of Domestic Terrorism

How the Sheriff in a nearby county became the number 1 drug-kingpin, money launderer, drug-addict, and embezzler of public funds

Prescription drug abuse has become an epidemic in America.  Few places have been hit harder than Tennessee and Kentucky--both are states that have been ravaged by addiction to meth-amphetamine, oxycodone, and prescription pain-pills.

Case-in-point, Whitley County, Kentucky: a place where the similarities to Monroe County, TN are an almost daily reminder posted in the local tabloid--in which over half of the daily content covers drug-busts, scams, and disintegration of the social fabric--directly related to aberrant lifestyles…
former sheriff Lawrence Hodge

In Whitley County, matters were made worse when the man suspected of being at the center of the drug trade was the county's top law enforcement officer, Sheriff Lawrence Hodge—who by all accounts had become “un-touchable”… 

Both the FBI and the state police had tried building a case, but Hodge had become very insulated,  and they couldn't penetrate his inner circle of drug-dealers, crooked attorneys and politicians...there was fear of what Hodge might do if anyone co-operated with federal authorities or the state police.

Hodge had been elected with the promise he would 'clean things up' – but early in his tenure there were rumors that “the Sheriff had gone bad.”  ATF special agent Todd E. Tremaine recalls that Hodge began taking pay-offs from drug-dealers and extorting money from defendants. He also developed a serious drug habit.  Authorities were able to bring charges against Hodge from an undercover investigation by two reporters from the local newspaper, who suspected Hodge may have an incriminating "paper trail," which led them to the sheriff's office evidence log.

Hodge was finally snared by the long arm of the law, click on video, "When Cops Go Bad" --he eventually pleaded guilty in federal court to extortion, distributing drugs, and money laundering—he was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison...and in 2013, state charges added another 17 years which included multiple counts of abuse of the public trust and 3 counts of tampering with evidence.

Hodge will be eligible for parole on November 8, 2024

Friday, June 24, 2016

Former Isbell Crony/Reserve Deputy Caught on Dash-Cam

Seen while parked at the bottom entrance of a private drive, as if he was 'lying in wait'--on the afternoon of 6/24/2016--(TN tag E-54498)... A Sheriff's cap was also visible hanging on the headrest of the passenger seat. The former Isbell/Era MCSD reserve deputy in question, Don Charest, fled after he was spotted...

Although he was never a "career" police officer, he had previously served as a reserve officer with the Tellico Plains Police Dept., under the disgraced chief of police Bill Isbell-- Charest and Isbell were 'booted' from any association with the TPPD--Former Mayor Roger Powers felt a lack of trust amid those in charge, and was forced to 'clean house'--this later involved an investigation by the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury.

Charest was again able to 'don' (no pun intended), a reserve officer badge 4 years after the Isbell era ended; when he was able to 'worm his way' into the good graces of the newly appointed Sheriff, Tommy "Whitey" Jones.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando Shooter: A Violent 'Sexual Identity Crisis' Unveiled

The perpetrator behind the worst terrorist mass murder since 911, may have been ashamed of his own sexual orientation; not what Isis expected...

Through the years, stories of wanna-be 'tough guys' who target gays on a Friday night with violence or hateful rhetoric, have occurred in cities and rural areas--as it turns out, some of the most vocal anti-gay offenders have themselves been gay, dealing with an un-resolved sexual identity crisis.

Authorities in Orlando, Florida revealed that Omar Mateen had at times, used a gay 'dating app' and as a teen-ager, had asked a male friend out on a date.
The beautiful ex-wife of Mateen, Sitora Yusifiy--has no doubt that he suffered with an unresolved struggle in regards to his sexual orientation, and other psychological issues as well. 

Patrons at the Pulse Nightclub claim they remember seeing Mateen there, who on a number of occasions had to be thrown out, because after consuming alcahol, became loud and belligerent.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Chief Deputy Randy White Claims 12 'Missing Guns'

Former Sheriff Bivens "owns" Randy White at recent commission meeting: "I know where each of the handguns went" said Bivens

As seen in the BUZZ on 4/30/2016, former Sheriff Bivens blasted others that came before him for making an "untrue statement"  to the county commission on Tuesday, regarding "lost or misplaced weapons," and Bivens said, "it had nothing to do with my administration."

Sheriff Bill Bivens
In regards to several expensive Glock handguns which the current sheriff's administration claims are "missing" Bivens-- says they signed-for as part of the inventory they received.

Bivens said "I know where each of the handguns went, because when I left office, I gave all the MCSD guns, including the 12 so-called "missing ones" to the new administration, "including each of the guns' serial numbers, and to what employee each gun was assigned." 

Report Firearms Theft or Loss

Any Federal Firearms Licensee who has knowledge of the theft or loss of any firearms from their inventory must report such theft or loss within 48 hours of discovery to ATF and to the local law enforcement agency. (Regulations at 27 CFR § 478.39a and implementing section 923(g)(6) require that the report of theft or loss be made by telephone and in writing to ATF).

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Fallen MCSD K-9 Vigor: was he needlessly put in harm's way?

Failure to call off the night-time search comprised the safety of all involved

The recent tragic death of police canine “Vigor” while on duty, chasing a local wanted fugitive raises serious leadership concerns. 

Vigor, along with his partner/handler Sgt. (BJ) Bill Johnson, had dealt with hundreds if not thousands of incidents, in Monroe County and in Iraq, that put them both in extreme life-threatening situations. It's ironic that Vigor died chasing a low-level thug/repeat offender, who could have been captured using the same (deception tactics/diversion), used to capture John Irons. 

BJ and Vigor performed traffic stops as part of their day-to-day operations—traffic stops rank among one of the most dangerous duties in a police officer's job description...
In the (I-75) corridor (used by drug-traffickers, human traffickers, and possible international terrorists), the MCSD drug-interdiction task force faces a much more 'elite and dangerous' type of criminal than the unsophisticated/local hoodlum (Doug Ellis) being chased during the (night-time in the woods) man-hunt, which led to Vigor's death by drowning in the Tellico River.