"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

Friday, February 27, 2015

MCSD Training: Equal Opportunity Incompetency

It made no difference whether the victim was a long-time local or a recent move-in

The bungling in the death investigations of Troy Green, Jim Miller, Chester Millsaps, Charlie Young (and others), is likely one of the darkest chapters in Monroe County Sheriff Bill Bivens' legacy.

Former cops planned a come-back in 2016
A 78 year old former Florida native who knew Charlie Young since Charlie was 16 years old, recalls the suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.

"The only thing they had was the testimony of his wife, that she supposedly had gone to town and came back and found him laying on the ground, in the floor of the kitchen, blood all over the place...she had a 'boyfriend' at the time, the guy she eventually married."

Charlie's friend mentions the stark contrast in the homicide investigation performed in the death of Harkey Yates, which was done by the (TBI) Tennessee Bureau of Investigation as the lead agency.

"They never did an autopsy on Charlie when he died--even though it was an un-attended death, (supposedly, no one around)...Harkey died in the basement down there in his shop...they did an autopsy on Harkey, why didn't they do Charlie?"