"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Knoxville News media set to help 'botch' another death investigation

*Major Blunders in high-profile investigations get Bivens booted out of office in 2014.

It appears as if the 'news hungry' out-of-town news media was set to help influence another jury pool in Monroe County's latest death investigation(s). 

Lt. Tonia Norwood went beyond MCSD Public Comments Policy in the October 15, 2013 issue of the Daily News Express--see 'Talkin Tonia' at bottom of post. 

Perhaps, residents from rural Tennessee counties are presumed to be ignorant and gullible to 'city slicker' media outlets...Oh well, let's say for the sake of argument, that is pretty far-fetched...however, can a pattern of irresponsible pre-trial media bias be shown?

Kathy Bookout death news

The most recent example, last week-end's death of Kathy Bookout. WATE's Jim Smith quotes Sheriff Bill Bivens: "With all cases we want to make certain we don't compromise the case, so it's better sometimes we say less."

The next line: Sheriff Bivens says the murder was premeditated. Who was at fault for reporting this seemingly contradicting statement?

Premeditated murder (someone who plans to carry out the crime while knowing it is against the law) is a much more serious offense than other types of murder, and dealt with more harshly than a murder by someone who lost their temper in the heat of the moment. See for yourself the different types of murder categories, which are tried in a courtroom, in a judicial proceeding--not in a media-frenzy tabloid news article. 

Jim Miller case Solved
In the the Jim Miller murder investigation 3 years ago, the same news outlet claimed the case had been solved before the trial even started!..."Investigators say they have solved the months-long mystery of who shot Monroe County Election Commission chairman Jim Miller before setting his body on fire in the trunk of his car."

Lt. 'Talkin' Tonia Norwood may have been unaware of Sheriff Bivens' Public disclosures policy, or had her own agenda. It's as if Norwood was acting as the (PIO) of the Monroe County Sheriff's Dept... Captain Jennifer Bledsoe is the Public Information Officer of the MCSD.
In the October 15, 2013 DNE, Norwood makes numerous comments about the Kathy Bookout death investigation.
"Bookout reportedly told Norwood" ... "Parker then said, according to Norwood" ... "Norwood reported" ... "Norwood said Parker intentionally shot and killed Bookout."

Update: 10/21/2013 Judge Reed Dixon ruled that James Parker Ray must have a mental evaluation to see if he is fit to stand trial. This may temporarily put an end to any new hearsay comments about Parker, at least until the medical evaluation has taken it's course.