"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fugitive Edward Snowden may have unwittingly dissed the Russians

Snowden Update 8/1/2013  Edward Snowden is granted permission to leave the airport, gets a one year conditional asylum to live in the Soviet Union.

Update 8/6/2013 Former NSA Chief Michael Hayden says Edward Snowden has become a 'global hacker darling', and hackers were likely to respond with cyber-terror attacks if Snowden is apprehended and brought back to the U.S.

Former NSA Chief Michael Hayden
In his first public appearance since he left Hong Kong, Edward Snowden appeared on 7/12/2013 in Moscow, inside a closed-off area at the Sheremetyevo airport... A throng of reporters eagerly waited for details on his latest strategy. Appearing gaunt, in what seemed 'a shirt much too large', his brief press conference was drowned out (at times) by airport flight schedule announcements coming through the overhead loudspeakers.

Snowden claimed that he had "left paradise" 4 weeks ago...without any mention of gratitude or recognition for Russian hospitality--no doubt this fugitive from justice has more training in computer science than in International Relations. 

What consisted of a short, somewhat rambling speech, Snowden did not appear to be well-coached by his support network--quoted in his prepared statement ..." 'I believe' that the legal means to stay in Russia safely, to attempt to move to Latin America, is to request asylum in the Russian Federation." ..... "I can only at this time, formally accept...Ahhhhh, 'I suppose' legally accept, Ahhhh, asylum in Russia because of the limitations on my ability to travel."

Snowden asked for asylum in Russia 'again', a request he had previously withdrawn because of the conditions set forth by Russian president Putin in order to consider granting him asylum. 

With his U.S. passport canceled and his name on a No-Fly list--Snowden appears to cornered, in this 'real life' game of chess.
On June 9, 2013 The Guardian identified Snowden as the source behind the leaked details of the U.S surveillance program. At this time, his whistle-blowing quest has hit the wall of reality.