"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

Friday, May 17, 2013

Don Charest wanted to join Tellico PD Reserve again--Request DENIED

Tellico Plains Chief of Police Jeb Brown revealed today that Monroe County resident Don Charest (former chief Isbell's buddy), recently tried to join the Volunteer Tellico Plains Police Dept. Reserve--The offer for his service was unequivocally denied. Chief Brown added that former chief Isbell's tenure will not be erased from the public's memory.

 Don Charest
UPDATE: Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury report--Cash, Guns, and Drugs missing --or unaccounted for, while Isbell was chief of police.
Whether or or not Coker Creek resident Don Charest ever officially served in the All-Volunteer Tellico Plains Police Dept. Reserve, or in what capacity, is unclear--former Tellico Plains Mayor Roger Powers claims that "he never put him on the reserve." Listen to former Mayor Powers for yourself--HERE

If it was legally required for the Mayor to approve admission into the Reserve Police Force, and the approval was never granted...then, whether Charest ever was a TPPD reserve member during the previous administration could be called into question.

Don Charest had become former chief of police Bill Isbell's right hand man. You can bet if the current Mayor and the board of aldermen suffered from amnesia, and Charest had been allowed to join the 2013 TPPD police reserve--it may have been as Yogi Berra once said ...it's like "Deja-Vu All over Again..."

Anyone who is an active member in a police dept. can get E-Plates on their personal vehicle(s)--in Tennessee Emergency plates have a white background and display EMERGENCY below the alpha-numeric tag... Come to think of it, having E-plates on a personal vehicle would have been terrific 'bling' for Charest, who is a partner in a Gun Store business in Madisonville TN..