"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Extreme Cheapskate, Sex in a Storage Shed: Chief Snyder Resigns

Disgraced Scumbag begs to let him 'Un-resign'--Probe finds that the 'Love Nest' was paid with City Dollars, get-togethers were held during work hours

Once in a while a news-story comes along (no pun intended) that is worthy to be in a Believe it-or Not category, this event is one of those--so shocking, so bizarre, that it makes one think--'From now on, nothing is a surprise.'

Scandals Mar his Legacy
Update 2014: Snyder's actions were illegal, and exposed him to the possibility of being blackmailed.
A surveillance video captured Cleveland TN Chief of Police Wes 'the truth shall set you free' Snyder and a woman in what was described as an apparent 'love nest' at a self-storage facility. The video Shows Snyder spending about 90 minutes (on several episodes) with a woman identified as Sharon Marr, the Executive Director of Mainstreet Cleveland, an organization that promotes the city's downtown district.

Hometown Cleveland had a full update on how Snyder's love nest was uncovered. The owner of the storage facility noticed a horrible stench coming from one of the units and called police. 

'No Screaming Orgasms'
HTC has been covering the CPD for years: "Seems that Police Chief Wes Snyder’s idea of romance is sucking back a bottle of brandy and then banging his girlfriend on the floor of a storage shed. And they say the sensitive types are going out of style."

(An Aside: You remember what the man said, Wes? “One day a
strong wind will blow you away.” My god, sir, what goes around truly does come around, doesn’t it?)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Knoxville News media set to help 'botch' another death investigation

*Major Blunders in high-profile investigations get Bivens booted out of office in 2014.

It appears as if the 'news hungry' out-of-town news media was set to help influence another jury pool in Monroe County's latest death investigation(s). 

Lt. Tonia Norwood went beyond MCSD Public Comments Policy in the October 15, 2013 issue of the Daily News Express--see 'Talkin Tonia' at bottom of post. 

Perhaps, residents from rural Tennessee counties are presumed to be ignorant and gullible to 'city slicker' media outlets...Oh well, let's say for the sake of argument, that is pretty far-fetched...however, can a pattern of irresponsible pre-trial media bias be shown?

Kathy Bookout death news

The most recent example, last week-end's death of Kathy Bookout. WATE's Jim Smith quotes Sheriff Bill Bivens: "With all cases we want to make certain we don't compromise the case, so it's better sometimes we say less."

The next line: Sheriff Bivens says the murder was premeditated. Who was at fault for reporting this seemingly contradicting statement?

Premeditated murder (someone who plans to carry out the crime while knowing it is against the law) is a much more serious offense than other types of murder, and dealt with more harshly than a murder by someone who lost their temper in the heat of the moment. See for yourself the different types of murder categories, which are tried in a courtroom, in a judicial proceeding--not in a media-frenzy tabloid news article. 

Jim Miller case Solved
In the the Jim Miller murder investigation 3 years ago, the same news outlet claimed the case had been solved before the trial even started!..."Investigators say they have solved the months-long mystery of who shot Monroe County Election Commission chairman Jim Miller before setting his body on fire in the trunk of his car."

Lt. 'Talkin' Tonia Norwood may have been unaware of Sheriff Bivens' Public disclosures policy, or had her own agenda. It's as if Norwood was acting as the (PIO) of the Monroe County Sheriff's Dept... Captain Jennifer Bledsoe is the Public Information Officer of the MCSD.
In the October 15, 2013 DNE, Norwood makes numerous comments about the Kathy Bookout death investigation.
"Bookout reportedly told Norwood" ... "Parker then said, according to Norwood" ... "Norwood reported" ... "Norwood said Parker intentionally shot and killed Bookout."

Update: 10/21/2013 Judge Reed Dixon ruled that James Parker Ray must have a mental evaluation to see if he is fit to stand trial. This may temporarily put an end to any new hearsay comments about Parker, at least until the medical evaluation has taken it's course.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Securing Information: Lessons learned from the Snowden leaks

NSA has released a detailed account of what classified data Edward Snowden was able to remove and just how he was able to pull off what is now considered to be one of the greatest leaks of classified information.

The documents that Snowden leaked, the Powerpoint slides and other classified documents were stored in the NSA's internal website so analysts with top-secret clearance could read them online.

This type of 'information sharing' was implemented after the 911 attacks—When Secret Information is shared, analysts are more likely to 'connect the dots'.

Because of Snowden's leaks, the way that information is shared in the NSA has seen several security upgrades. NSA Public Information Officer Lonnie Anderson will not disclose how Snowden was able to remove data from his work-station, since it is part of ongoing criminal investigation.

One of the post media leaks counter measures has been that sensitive information access is in two-person control areas. This will make it impossible for analysts with privileged access to work and move about anonymously on NSA computers.

The NSA will now be tagging data with 'identifiers' so that higher ups in the agency are able to decide which data system analysts are able to see, the information that systems analysts are able to see will have the handling of that information monitored and recorded. Other counter-measures that are now in use remain classified and will be continually upgraded and improved upon to secure NSA data.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Fugitive Edward Snowden may have unwittingly dissed the Russians

Snowden Update 8/1/2013  Edward Snowden is granted permission to leave the airport, gets a one year conditional asylum to live in the Soviet Union.

Update 8/6/2013 Former NSA Chief Michael Hayden says Edward Snowden has become a 'global hacker darling', and hackers were likely to respond with cyber-terror attacks if Snowden is apprehended and brought back to the U.S.

Former NSA Chief Michael Hayden
In his first public appearance since he left Hong Kong, Edward Snowden appeared on 7/12/2013 in Moscow, inside a closed-off area at the Sheremetyevo airport... A throng of reporters eagerly waited for details on his latest strategy. Appearing gaunt, in what seemed 'a shirt much too large', his brief press conference was drowned out (at times) by airport flight schedule announcements coming through the overhead loudspeakers.

Snowden claimed that he had "left paradise" 4 weeks ago...without any mention of gratitude or recognition for Russian hospitality--no doubt this fugitive from justice has more training in computer science than in International Relations. 

What consisted of a short, somewhat rambling speech, Snowden did not appear to be well-coached by his support network--quoted in his prepared statement ..." 'I believe' that the legal means to stay in Russia safely, to attempt to move to Latin America, is to request asylum in the Russian Federation." ..... "I can only at this time, formally accept...Ahhhhh, 'I suppose' legally accept, Ahhhh, asylum in Russia because of the limitations on my ability to travel."

Snowden asked for asylum in Russia 'again', a request he had previously withdrawn because of the conditions set forth by Russian president Putin in order to consider granting him asylum. 

With his U.S. passport canceled and his name on a No-Fly list--Snowden appears to cornered, in this 'real life' game of chess.
On June 9, 2013 The Guardian identified Snowden as the source behind the leaked details of the U.S surveillance program. At this time, his whistle-blowing quest has hit the wall of reality.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Don Charest wanted to join Tellico PD Reserve again--Request DENIED

Tellico Plains Chief of Police Jeb Brown revealed today that Monroe County resident Don Charest (former chief Isbell's buddy), recently tried to join the Volunteer Tellico Plains Police Dept. Reserve--The offer for his service was unequivocally denied. Chief Brown added that former chief Isbell's tenure will not be erased from the public's memory.

 Don Charest
UPDATE: Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury report--Cash, Guns, and Drugs missing --or unaccounted for, while Isbell was chief of police.
Whether or or not Coker Creek resident Don Charest ever officially served in the All-Volunteer Tellico Plains Police Dept. Reserve, or in what capacity, is unclear--former Tellico Plains Mayor Roger Powers claims that "he never put him on the reserve." Listen to former Mayor Powers for yourself--HERE

If it was legally required for the Mayor to approve admission into the Reserve Police Force, and the approval was never granted...then, whether Charest ever was a TPPD reserve member during the previous administration could be called into question.

Don Charest had become former chief of police Bill Isbell's right hand man. You can bet if the current Mayor and the board of aldermen suffered from amnesia, and Charest had been allowed to join the 2013 TPPD police reserve--it may have been as Yogi Berra once said ...it's like "Deja-Vu All over Again..."

Anyone who is an active member in a police dept. can get E-Plates on their personal vehicle(s)--in Tennessee Emergency plates have a white background and display EMERGENCY below the alpha-numeric tag... Come to think of it, having E-plates on a personal vehicle would have been terrific 'bling' for Charest, who is a partner in a Gun Store business in Madisonville TN..

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Firefighter Rip Esselstyn on Plant-Based Diet

While it may be difficult to imagine that a Firehouse would be a place to find an all-vegan group...think again! Ten years ago Austin, Texas--firefighter Rip Esselstyn convinced his buddies to switch to an all-plant based diet--he is now a best selling author and the creator of the Engine 2 Diet, which follows a vegan menu. Rip's latest book is titled "My Beef with Meat." 
The book aims to educate people so they can make an informed decision about their most important asset, which is their health.

In a recent interview with Charlie Rose Rip said his biggest beef with meat was "Well, several things."
He added that his biggest beef with meat was "the disconnect between what people think is healthy and what we actually know to be healthy."

Some facts you may not be aware of about eating meat

  • Chicken has the same amount of cholesterol as red meat
  • Fish has more cholesterol than red meat or chicken
  • One egg yolk has the same amount of cholesterol as two Burger-King Whoppers
  • It clogs arteries
  • Contributes to Obesity
  • It fuels cancer
  • Trashes the environment
  • One glass of whole-milk has the same amount of saturated fat as four slices of bacon, and two times the calories

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Christ Wins lawsuit against Bivens in Federal Court

A Knoxville TN federal jury awards retired firefighter Christ Didymus Thomas $330.00 in compensatory damages for the unlawful search of his residence and seizure of his property. Since 2008, thousands of dollars worth of items seized by the MPD, have been returned to Thomas. 

Police chief Gregg Breeden
Court records show that on on February 22, 2008, Mark Sircy, a local telephone company employee, went to the home of the plaintiff, Christ Didymus Thomas (a recent move-in from Florida) for what presumably was a routine residential installation at the Windchase subdivision., in Madisonville TN.

During the service installation, the phone service employee and Thomas engaged in conversation. Thomas told Sircy of his religious beliefs, including his religious use of marijuana.
Sircy told Thomas about his uncle who he said grows marijuana.

According to the plaintiff (Thomas) he writes in that--- "I have the Deposition of the accused informant, Mark Sircy, by Madisonville cop, James D. Bivens, and the Bivens deposition. There was, as you could see, never an informant. Sircy denied Bivens statement and states he even went to the police department to complain they had lied about his involvement in their illegal activities against me. I am certain you could also check with Mark. He'll tell you the truth.

It was all a lie created by the Monroe Sheriff's Dept and the Madisonville Police Dept. Bivens including the Police Chief.. It was a broad based conspiracy which included many legal officials and the DA.  I was warned by another news agency, Bivens has more than once, lied on the stand to steal and jail innocent folks so they can steal their property. Judge Dixon allows him to lie and get away with his lying allegations. If you have access to a fax,  should you desire, I could fax you the Sircy and Bivens depositions for your review."


Sircy claimed that Thomas had given him a bag which contained a bud of marijuana. Upon leaving the residence Sircy contacted a friend at the Madisonville TN police dept., Captain Dan Russell. Sircy did not tell Russell who gave him the marijuana. 

Sircy testified that he did not talk to Det. Bivens at the time he contacted Captain Russell, nor did he, at any time, talk to Det. Bivens about marijuana allegedly obtained from the plaintiff or how he obtained it.

Based on hearsay the phone company installer had told Captain Russell, the defendant, Det. James Bivens went to the General Sessions Court of Monroe County and filled out an affidavit in support of his application for a search warrant...U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Phillips upheld an earlier state court ruling which declared the search warrant was invalid, because Bivens had made false statements in the application for the search warrant.

In an interview with the Monroe County Buzz in 2008, Thomas said he had legally changed his name from William Burton Thomas to Christ Didymus Thomas after experiencing a religious transformation. "Thomas said he used marijuana or 'incense' as he called it, for religious purposes, citing the Biblical book of Genesis where God created grass and every herb-yielding seed, and saw that it was good."