"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

Friday, October 14, 2011

Modern Day protests have a new Ally...'the Internet' levels playing field

UPDATE 10/20/2011 School Officials will allow students to wear shirts in support of Straight-Gay alliances. as reported in Knoxnews.

When Sequoyah High School Senior Chris Sigler complained that he was allegedly assaulted by Principal Maurice Moser for wearing a shirt in support of Gay-Straight clubs--it began a 'Sunami like' wave of awareness and interest for the protection of civil rights. The online petition in support for an investigation now numbers over 100,000 signatures.
Sigler is in the less than 1% of the population, that will defend a right he believes was violated--for his courage, Chris should he hailed as a 'Hero.' In reality, this is not just a Pro-Gay or anti-Gay issue, the 'big picture' is nestled in a much wider scope that could have far reaching implications--affecting educational levels, new corporate investments, and commerce.


The Protests in lower Manhattan: Lawyer Jerry Silk sets his 'BULLSEYE' on NY banks

The current protests of the group labeled as 'Occupy Wall Street' are not just taking place in the streets of lower Manhattan in New York--several large corporations are furious at big banks they feel squandered their investor-shareholder wealth in a short amount of time.

Attorney Jerry Silk represents several large institutional investors that had billions invested--in what supposedly were, 'stable' mortgage-backed securities. Many individuals that lost a large part of their pensions and retirement funds, share the same anger as the protesters in the street.

Silk says "The public wants to know how this happened, and how so much investor-shareholder wealth evaporated in such a short period of time, no one has been held accountable at this point... we have not seen any significant or meaningful action by the SEC or the Justice Dept against the main players in this area...it has created, I think, an enormous amount of concern at the institutional investor level as well as the protester level."

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