2,800 ft. Eclipse Watch

2,800 ft. Eclipse Watch
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Monday, July 11, 2011

Chief Deputy Bryan Graves recovers after deer vs. motorcycle accident

Monroe County Sheriff Chief Deputy Bryan Graves is recovering from what could have been, and (statistically) is a much more serious accident; which often times results in a fatality or spinal cord injury.

On Sunday night, while driving his motorcycle to a National Guard Armory drill to prepare for what would have been his 3rd deployment overseas, Bryan says he was--"less than 300' feet from the driveway, a deer jumped out beside me, and ran beside me for just a minute, and then it jumped in front of me and swept the front wheel out."

The community sends thoughts and prayers to Chief Deputy Graves for a safe recovery. Chief Deputy Graves is one of the greatest assets in the Monroe County Sheriff's Dept.