Friday, January 21, 2011

The MCSD website still owned by William Wells

Former county employee--moves back to Minnesota, still owns and administers the sheriff's website

Wm Wells, who uses the fancy generational title of William H. Wells III, still casts a shadow over Monroe County, from his home base in Minnesota. Although he has (at times) used a flash of motorcycle cops in a parade on his website, it may serve as a marketing
gimmick/illusion to attract interest...there is no known county or state government agencies, other than the Monroe County TN Sheriff that use Wells for internet hosting service. This should come as no surprise--the Minnesota Secretary of State website does not list a business license for Wells from the information contained on his website--no tech company, consulting company, or L.L.C...
William H.Wells III

A representative of Network Solutions confirmed on 2/1/2016 that the MonroeTNsheriff website is owned by William H. Wells III. In fact, the present day Monroe County TN sheriff's website is not part of the same hosting company that hosts all the other Monroe county-government departments--see what other county government websites look like, Louden County TN or the Polk County TN ...
The Monroe County TN website is hosted by, unlike Polk, Louden and other counties that use the same hosting company for all their departments, The Monroe website has a link to a local sheriff's website, but it directs users to the Wm Wells owned Monroetnsheriff website.
William Wells was not available for comment. See Wells' association with the former Tellico Plains chief of police and others -- Tellico Plains TN Police city website was registered to the disgraced chief of police. Police website Shutdown.

When asked about the whereabouts of William Wells III on 1/22/2011, a friend commented: there's been no recent sightings of him, and said: "He moved to Minnesota..."

As of June 2011...William Wells III was in the Farmington, MN area seeking work as a Business Social Media Coach/Presenter and internet consultant... 6 months after moving from Monroe County TN, he says on a 'Tweet'... "Wondering if you can help my Fiancee and I find a house or townhome...looking in and around the "Hastings" area. Somewhere between $500 and $900. Currently in the Farmington area. She works in Woodbury and we'd like to find something closer to help shorten the commute."