Monday, December 19, 2011

Chief Bryan Graves warns: 'it's not time to celebrate' global conflicts continue

Recently back from his second military tour this year, Monroe County Sheriff Chief Deputy Bryan Graves' comments mirror the sentiments of other military experts who warn—even if the war in Iraq is over--Global conflicts continue.

Imagine that you wake up tomorrow and discover that Israeli planes had conducted a bombing raid on Iran...How would your world have changed?

Spy drone seized by Iran
Robert Baer, a longtime CIA analyst who spent over two decades in the Middle East is predicting that Israel will bomb Iran in the near future, which would likely drag the United States into another large scale war—just when returning veterans arrive home from (what officially marks), the end of the war in Iraq. See Harry Kreisler and Robert Baer Video--Dealing with Iran.

Iran threatens to close the Strait of Hormuz to international oil shipments if sanctions are placed on Iranian oil exports. 

Confidential sources in Israel have publicly warned that Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are determined to go to war with Iran.
Former Israeli Intelligence chief Meir Dagan has said there is almost “near certainty” that Israel is planning an attack on Iran, which Israel hopes would “draw the United States into the conflict.”

It would be a nightmare scenario--the Israeli air force would attack "Natanz and other nuclear facilities” to degrade their capabilities. The Iranians would strike back: in Basra, Baghdad, and other key military targets in Israel. The United States would come into the conflict with attacks on Iranian targets. It's a nightmare scenario. We don't have enough troops in the Middle East to fight a war like that." Baer added, "I think we are looking into the abyss."

The recent downing of a U.S spy drone shows Iran would be a formidable opponent. The Christian Science Monitor interviewed an Iranian engineer who claims that Iran managed to jam the drone’s electronic communication links by forcing it to shift into autopilot mode. When the drone (allegedly) kicked into autopilot mode--the engineer claims Iran spoofed the drone’s GPS system with false coordinates, enabling them to "electronically ambush" the drone--fooling it into thinking it was close to home, and land it in Iran without damage.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Judge Blackwood: Baumgartner turned the 'Drug Court into a Farce'

Judge John Kerry Blackwood's long awaited ruling--allows the defendants in the Christian-Newsom murder case re-trials. The ruling may affect thousands of cases previously tried in former Judge Richard Baumgartner's courtroom.

Judge John Kerry Blackwood
The close to 10 minute ruling, in which at one point almost brings him to tears, is clearly one of the most important and difficult rulings that Judge John Kerry Blackwood has made.

He set the tone by saying, "A Judge that is presiding over a Drug Court, to try to help people beat their addiction--nothing can be more nobler than that, nothing can be nobler than that. And then, the administrator of the addicts, is not only an addict himself using drugs, but he is using a court addict to get his own." Watch the judge's ruling VIDEO.

The FBI considers Public Corruption one of it's top investigative priorities--behind only to domestic terrorism. Public corruption costs the U.S. and the public billions of dollars every year. Judge Baumgartner showed a rare glimpse of his mental depravity and possible mental illness...saying, "as we all know, the federal authorities think they are above God."

Friday, October 14, 2011

Modern Day protests have a new Ally...'the Internet' levels playing field

UPDATE 10/20/2011 School Officials will allow students to wear shirts in support of Straight-Gay alliances. as reported in Knoxnews.

When Sequoyah High School Senior Chris Sigler complained that he was allegedly assaulted by Principal Maurice Moser for wearing a shirt in support of Gay-Straight clubs--it began a 'Sunami like' wave of awareness and interest for the protection of civil rights. The online petition in support for an investigation now numbers over 100,000 signatures.
Sigler is in the less than 1% of the population, that will defend a right he believes was violated--for his courage, Chris should he hailed as a 'Hero.' In reality, this is not just a Pro-Gay or anti-Gay issue, the 'big picture' is nestled in a much wider scope that could have far reaching implications--affecting educational levels, new corporate investments, and commerce.


The Protests in lower Manhattan: Lawyer Jerry Silk sets his 'BULLSEYE' on NY banks

The current protests of the group labeled as 'Occupy Wall Street' are not just taking place in the streets of lower Manhattan in New York--several large corporations are furious at big banks they feel squandered their investor-shareholder wealth in a short amount of time.

Attorney Jerry Silk represents several large institutional investors that had billions invested--in what supposedly were, 'stable' mortgage-backed securities. Many individuals that lost a large part of their pensions and retirement funds, share the same anger as the protesters in the street.

Silk says "The public wants to know how this happened, and how so much investor-shareholder wealth evaporated in such a short period of time, no one has been held accountable at this point... we have not seen any significant or meaningful action by the SEC or the Justice Dept against the main players in this has created, I think, an enormous amount of concern at the institutional investor level as well as the protester level."

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Isbell-registered Tellico Plains Police website is Shutdown

On April 9, 2008--William G. Isbell and William Wells III created a Tellico Plains Police website: A short time later, it was announced in the local media as, "the launch of the first city police website to go online in Monroe county."
(Website designer/ Social Media Coach William Wells III moved to Minnesota in 2011.)

As it turns out, what was supposed to be a city government website--was registered to Isbell, at his personal P.O. Box in Coker Creek TN....Isbell was the appointed chief of police at the time. 
Isbell-registered Police website

This lack of oversight by the previous mayor--may be just one of many issues that the new mayor will have to address. This unusual arrangement could have been used to influence public opinion, coerce city government (by what they posted or NOT posted), or by violating the federal civil rights of suspects that had not yet been brought to trial--to benefit William G. Isbell, in the 2010 Monroe County Sheriff's election.

The website shows Shutdown/Inactive status since 8/27/2011--a week after a complaint was filed on 8/22/2011.

Bill Isbell
William Wells III
The Website administrator--William Wells III, (a media darling now living in Minnesota) had not posted that the Tellico Plains City Council had appointed it's first female chief of police, (Tonia Norwood), several months ago.

If you were to ask any municipal city administrator, manager, or mayor--Is your City Police website registered to the Chief of Police?...You would likely get a response of... "You must be joking."

See the inventory report from the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury...Drugs, Guns, Cash from Fundraisers missing or un-accounted Did former chief of police Isbell appropriate anything else that should have been in the name of the Tellico Plains Police Dept. or the City of Tellico Plains?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Air Evac Helicopter hits powerline near Reliance Rd. in Polk County TN

Fire Chief: it was an unusual takeoff "he was actually flying into that draw"

When interviewed a couple of hours later by Chattanooga News Channel 9 Lindsay Jackson,, he colors some of the details, suggesting the mishap on how the sun was shining.

Chief Stephen "lofty goals" Lofty says: "I actually looked, and because of the way the sun was shining back this way you could not see those cables..."

The power line cables were very close to the ground, at a considerable distance from the landing zone, in airspace that the pilot should not have been flying in...see how far and how close to ground the power lines were in this wide angle and zoom VIDEO.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Chief Deputy Bryan Graves recovers after deer vs. motorcycle accident

Monroe County Sheriff Chief Deputy Bryan Graves is recovering from what could have been, and (statistically) is a much more serious accident; which often times results in a fatality or spinal cord injury.

On Sunday night, while driving his motorcycle to a National Guard Armory drill to prepare for what would have been his 3rd deployment overseas, Bryan says he was--"less than 300' feet from the driveway, a deer jumped out beside me, and ran beside me for just a minute, and then it jumped in front of me and swept the front wheel out."

The community sends thoughts and prayers to Chief Deputy Graves for a safe recovery. Chief Deputy Graves is one of the greatest assets in the Monroe County Sheriff's Dept.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Town similar to Tellico Plains Fires its entire Police Force

When faced with 'out of control' insubordination and poor performance from the town's police dept.,, the small town of Troy, Texas fired the entire police force. The Waco Tribune Herald reported that the Troy City Council had fired police chief David Seward, and the other 3 officers which made up the entire police dept.

Mayor Sammy Warren said, "We are not going to let that department run by itself, we are going to have a police department to be proud of again."
The town of around 1,400 residents relied on the county Sheriff's Dept., until they hired a new police chief and patrol officers.

A similar situation in Tellico Plains would not even cause a 'hiccup' in service, since all 911 calls within the city limits have always been dispatched to the Monroe County Sheriff's dispatcher. See and hear how outgoing Mayor Powers finally stood up to rogue cops in the Tellico Plains Police Dept, "something mayor Powers should have done much earlier."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bill Isbell's ties with 'alleged' reserve Police officer Charest revealed

Interview with Mayor Powers: No one in the TPPD would 'fess up'--major shake-up, Isbell and others are history.

In stark contrast to the 'sugar coated propaganda' that appeared last March over William G. Isbell's resignation, it is now known a sequence of events may have led to: a 'breach of trust, insubordination, cronyism, and clearly

a case study in arrogance' during Bill Isbell's tenure as Tellico Plains Chief of Police.
Towards the end, lt seems Isbell had no other viable option but to 'resign'. In a phone interview on Monday June 6, 2011--Tellico Plains mayor Roger Powers said he demanded an explanation last winter, as to why a person (Don G. Charest) that "he had never appointed," was given a key.--Mayor Powers said, "Actually, I never put him on the reserve," and the issue with the key, when I asked "Who gave the key?" and "no one could come up with an answer, or wouldn't tell basically."...."I did not like the way they (TPPD) handled it, and I can't have that."

Mayor Powers went on to say that Chief of Police William G. Isbell stepped down soon after the incident. Don Charest's association with the TPPD was also terminated, and the all volunteer/political civilian police force was disbanded.

This is not the way Bill Isbell and Grady Judd hoped things would turn out; Polk County Florida sheriff Grady Judd has been an overt and covert player during Isbell's stint in Tennessee.
Don G. Charest, an Isbell crony and Coker Creek resident, who helped in the failed 2010 Isbell for Sheriff campaign, displayed E plates on 2 of his personal vehicles for months, even after it was clear that he was NOT a city or county reserve police officer. If there was no legal confirmation of Don Charest as a Reserve Tellico Plains Police officer, were False-Pretense Statutes violated? See the requirements to legally have E Plates on a personal vehicle.

See what happened in a small Missouri town when a small town Mayor was conned by Bill Jakob, a man that had no prior police experience and was signed on as a police officer.

A few days after this web posting (and the truth of what had actually taken place) was shared with the public, Mayor Powers made his final 'swan song' in the local media to announce his retirement, Mayor Roger Powers said he would not run for re-election.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bill Isbell's wife sues Monroe County in Federal Court

The ex-Tellico Plains Chief of Police's wife, Marie Anne Isbell, filed a federal lawsuit which names Monroe County, and the newly appointed EMS Director Randy White as defendants.

The plaintiff (Isbell), alleges she was not re-hired by Monroe County EMS after the new EMS Director was appointed, part because her husband (Bill Isbell), did not support Randy White for Sheriff in the general election last year.

The lawsuit does not state any specific monetary amount--although it seeks compensation due to lost wages, pain, suffering, humiliation, and embarrassment.
You can view the entire complaint in the Justia website link below.
Isbell vs. Monroe County TN et al

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Isbell Party Video deleted from Chamber of Commerce YouTube Channel

A YouTube video posted by the Monroe County TN Ex-Chamber of Commerce president William Wells III, (a friend/ social media coach consultant of candidate for Sheriff Bill Isbell's ), was deleted from the Chamber of Commerce YouTube Channel--

Posted a few months before the 2010 County Election season got underway, Isbell's birthday party video had nothing to do with Monroe County Chamber of Commerce business, and 'reeked of impropriety' since it gave the appearance of a 'political slant' for the benefit of the Isbell for Sheriff campaign.

William Wells III
William Wells III was told after he returned from the New Year Holidays in January 2011-- his service were no longer needed.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cops posing as fake attorneys: "egregious, illegal, and abhorrent"

 Monroe County TN detectives Pat Henry and Doug Brannon  attained National media celebrity status with their 2008 stunt--posing as attorneys in order to get information from a suspect that was in custody in the Monroe County Jail.

James Patrick Henry
District Court Judge Amy Reedy, who at first shrugged it off as if it was the fault of the jailed inmate...(Reedy also lost her re-election bid in 2014), had no other option but to dismiss murder charges after the Tennessee Supreme Court ruling on the case...

As seen in and the American Bar Association Journal. See in KnoxNews.

After resigning from the Monroe County Sheriff's Dept, and then a stint at Region's Bank, James Patrick Henry was hired by the Held Law Firm  in Knoxville TN--where as of 2014 has been working as a law clerk...interestingly, there's a link on the Held Law Firm website on how to spot crooked attorneys, and how to avoid getting ripped off.

The State of Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that the circumstances surrounding the 'cops playing lawyers' case were so shocking, that  Judge James Curwood Witt called the detectives actions "egregious, illegal, and egregious that it profoundly interfered with the defendant's right to counsel under the state and federal constitutions."

Doug 'E Fresh' Brannon
During an investigation to get to the bottom of how this began, former sheriff Bill Bivens testified that he was aware of the scheme and "did not see a problem with it"--he added that "if it's illegal, of course, I don't want to do it."--it gets even more shocking!...Bivens did not begin a probe or take any disciplinary action against the players, neither did DA Stephen Bebb.

The fake lawyer/cops scandal is unprecedented in the state of Tennessee, or anywhere else in the United States. 

In an interesting turn of events, Det. Brannon, (the other actor in the scandal) was profiled in a local news link on 4/11/2011 giving advice to fraud victims--the link was removed by the local newspaper--in fact, all links by the Advocate&Democrat that pointed to police misconduct were removed a few months prior to the 2014 Election--however, it was an exercise in futility.
Compare two Law Enforcement scams: