Thursday, December 18, 2014

Hatch Act Unit of the OSC on Randy White

Update: Randy White and Tommy Jones Jr. trade places--Randy is now the chief-deputy and Jones is the Sheriff. The switcheroo is possibly a tactical pre-arranged plan to be implemented only if Randy was ruled ineligible to be Sheriff.
Randy White-served about 43 days as Sheriff

A lawyer from the OSC on Randy White's activities after the election was voided:
"The activity that he is engaged in (appearing before the POST Commission while still employed in some capacity by the MCSD) would not be a 'Hatch Act Prohibited Activity' because, there is not an election at issue, so it's not like he is currently running for election--he's trying to get their decision reversed in terms of his ineligibility, so we wouldn't be able to argue that it's for the purpose of influencing the outcome of an election--because the election is over--he's just trying to convince them that he is not ineligible to be Sheriff."

What if 2 or 3 months prior to the 2016 election White holds the chief-deputy position while running for the Sheriff position?
"The Hatch Act would prohibit him from running for office only if his salary was 100% federally funded-the law changed a couple of years ago, now in terms of the candidacy prohibition, it's only if the salary is 100% federally funded."

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sheriff Tommy "Whitey" Jones: the 'Great White Hope' of Monroe County

Tommy Jones is chosen by Monroe County Commissioners to be Sheriff until 2016, admits  "there's a lot of doubt right now" 

In a packed courtroom last night, the Monroe County Commission picked Tommy Jones Jr. for the number one law-enforcement position in Monroe County. Jones openly admitted that "there's a lot of doubt right now" and hoped to re-build trust, after landing a job he never even dreamed he would have 2 months ago.

It could be a time of great beginnings, only time will tell--even for those that felt the decision to appoint Tommy Jones Jr. as Sheriff was not in the best interest of the county, Tommy Jr. deserves the time to show 'what he is made of'...will he be a 'patsy' to special interests groups, just so he can stay in power come 2016...will he pass out "reserve deputy badges" as if they were playing cards? Will he eventually "fire" Chief-Deputy Randy White and 29 other MCSD employees, so he can fill the dept. with Jones Clan members?

Update 2016: In a "Guns & Badges" news story, he is quoted as saying to Knoxville based WATE News, "We're Not in the Storage Business."  
'Au contraire mon ami'...Agencies like the FBI, the TBI, and the District Attorney depend on local county law-enforcement for support and actionable intelligence to accomplish some of their investigative operations, which includes proper handling/chain of custody storage of evidence...What was Tommy Jones Thinkin'...? Experience Counts!