"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Extreme Cheapskate, Sex in a Storage Shed: Chief Snyder Resigns

Disgraced Scumbag begs to let him 'Un-resign'--Probe finds that the 'Love Nest' was paid with City Dollars, get-togethers were held during work hours

Once in a while a news-story comes along (no pun intended) that is worthy to be in a Believe it-or Not category, this event is one of those--so shocking, so bizarre, that it makes one think--'From now on, nothing is a surprise.'

Scandals Mar his Legacy
Update 2014: Snyder's actions were illegal, and exposed him to the possibility of being blackmailed.
A surveillance video captured Cleveland TN Chief of Police Wes 'the truth shall set you free' Snyder and a woman in what was described as an apparent 'love nest' at a self-storage facility. The video Shows Snyder spending about 90 minutes (on several episodes) with a woman identified as Sharon Marr, the Executive Director of Mainstreet Cleveland, an organization that promotes the city's downtown district.

Hometown Cleveland had a full update on how Snyder's love nest was uncovered. The owner of the storage facility noticed a horrible stench coming from one of the units and called police. 

'No Screaming Orgasms'
HTC has been covering the CPD for years: "Seems that Police Chief Wes Snyder’s idea of romance is sucking back a bottle of brandy and then banging his girlfriend on the floor of a storage shed. And they say the sensitive types are going out of style."

(An Aside: You remember what the man said, Wes? “One day a
strong wind will blow you away.” My god, sir, what goes around truly does come around, doesn’t it?)