"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

"Keep Sheriff Tommy J. Jones"

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bill Isbell's ties with 'alleged' reserve Police officer Charest revealed

Interview with Mayor Powers: No one in the TPPD would 'fess up'--major shake-up, Isbell and others are history.

In stark contrast to the 'sugar coated propaganda' that appeared last March over William G. Isbell's resignation, it is now known a sequence of events may have led to: a 'breach of trust, insubordination, cronyism, and clearly

a case study in arrogance' during Bill Isbell's tenure as Tellico Plains Chief of Police.
Towards the end, lt seems Isbell had no other viable option but to 'resign'. In a phone interview on Monday June 6, 2011--Tellico Plains mayor Roger Powers said he demanded an explanation last winter, as to why a person (Don G. Charest) that "he had never appointed," was given a key.--Mayor Powers said, "Actually, I never put him on the reserve," and the issue with the key, when I asked "Who gave the key?" and "no one could come up with an answer, or wouldn't tell basically."...."I did not like the way they (TPPD) handled it, and I can't have that."

Mayor Powers went on to say that Chief of Police William G. Isbell stepped down soon after the incident. Don Charest's association with the TPPD was also terminated, and the all volunteer/political civilian police force was disbanded.

This is not the way Bill Isbell and Grady Judd hoped things would turn out; Polk County Florida sheriff Grady Judd has been an overt and covert player during Isbell's stint in Tennessee.
Don G. Charest, an Isbell crony and Coker Creek resident, who helped in the failed 2010 Isbell for Sheriff campaign, displayed E plates on 2 of his personal vehicles for months, even after it was clear that he was NOT a city or county reserve police officer. If there was no legal confirmation of Don Charest as a Reserve Tellico Plains Police officer, were False-Pretense Statutes violated? See the requirements to legally have E Plates on a personal vehicle.

See what happened in a small Missouri town when a small town Mayor was conned by Bill Jakob, a man that had no prior police experience and was signed on as a police officer.

A few days after this web posting (and the truth of what had actually taken place) was shared with the public, Mayor Powers made his final 'swan song' in the local media to announce his retirement, Mayor Roger Powers said he would not run for re-election.

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